Evento is a smart event management app that lets users sign up for and attend corporate events, find and network with other attendees, organizers and speakers, and be an interactive part of the entire event.


Personalized events listing - users can see, at a glance, what events they’re registered for and browse non-registered events - sorted by date.


Management center for the Evento app - Manage your profile and events from one central, powerful hub.

Speaker Bios

Know which speakers are presenting at any event! Browse the full list of event speakers, with detailed information like professional profiles, photographs and social media connectivity to allow attendees full interactivity at and before the event.


A built-in survey that lets you ask your attendees single answer, multiple answer, or free response questions. Get feedback on your speakers, breakout sessions, and the event in general. There is also a supporting web portal that allows you to see all of the responses in real time.


Brief details about the specific event, the organizers and any pertinent information to help attendees choose.


Events, and sessions within events can be rated by attendees as a way of expressing their satisfaction with the speakers, the management and more.

In-app Chat

Attendees can connect with other event attendees via the chat module inside the app and stay in touch, helping build a more interactive event experience.


Attendees can send in questions and queries for sessions on the fly!

User Profiles

Attendee user profiles are a personalized gateway to attending events, networking with other attendees, scheduling meet-ups and more!

Push Notifications

Instant notification messages to everyone attending a session or event! Promote and engage with the entire audience instantly, send reminders and updates.


Create engagement between event organizers, speakers and attendees via push notifications, real-time updates & surveys/Q&A - anytime, anywhere!


Setting up an event? Reach out to thousands of potential attendees and market and promote your event directly - direct access to the entire user database allows for instantaneous, personalized promotion.


The Evento Mobile app provides a central event management hub. See your attendees in real-time, market and engage with them, provide live updates to event schedules, sessions and more!

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